Alex Rodriguez ‘Still Loves’ Jennifer Lopez, Source Says – He Never Say Her Reunion With Ben Affleck Coming!

Some insiders say that Alex Rodriguez is a bit jealous over the fact that his former fiancee, Jennifer Lopez has seemingly moved on with her ex, Ben Affleck . Apparently, the man did not expect this at all and he’s not happy since he still loves J.Lo. As you know, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been hanging out a lot lately, especially in the aftermath of her split from A-Rod and over Mother’s Day weekend, they even went on a romantic vacation to Montana just the two of them. RELATED: Jennifer Garner Will Always Support Ben Affleck, No Matter What Now, sources tell HollywoodLife that Alex Rodriguez is really struggling to also move on and accept that Jen has gone back to her ex after so many years. ‘Alex is a little bit jealous as his mind is racing about what Jen could be doing with Ben by possibly starting this renewed relationship. A couple of friends are razzing him about it as well and referencing that Ben’s a Red Sox fan to add fuel to the fire. But the thing that’s really getting to Alex the most is that Jen got in a potential relationship that soon after theirs broke, because he still loves her. It is really messing with his head that she might have moved on so fast and so easy.’ Alex and J.Lo. ended things last month and now, only about three weeks after, there are many rumors that Benifer is a thing once more. RELATED: Jennifer Lopez And Cardi B Are Set To Release A Track Together! At this point in time, neither Jen, nor Ben have commented on the reunion speculations but more and more fans are getting excited about the clues suggesting they really are together again. But Alex ‘doesn’t want to focus on hearsay from what he sees online. He wants the truth so that he can start to know how to truly mourn his lost relationship with Jen.’